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Introducing TrueFreight

TrueFreight brings true trust & transparency to Intelligent Logistics Supply Chain. Based on Hyperledger Fabric and the RoadLaunch SMart Contract platform, find out what happened to an order, from the load being matched to available capacity to final delivery and payment in seconds


Know what happened, fast

With just 3 clicks, see the entire Smart Contract history of a quote, order and locations. From there, export this data to do settlement audits and account reconciliation
Distributed Ledger
By using a Distributed Ledger, your data is secure, decentralized, and enables partner integration and peer-to-peer replication
Smart Contracts
Permission based semi-private Smart Contracts allow for your business relationships and partnerships to be mirrored
Instant Settlement
FactR means that you get paid fast, like, right away! Pay less factoring fees and lower your receivables overhead.
Our Intelligent TMS, and integrated App make the entire end-to-end process as hands-off as possible. Easy is good.

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