RoadLaunch, IoT & Blockchain

Blockchain technologies present opportunities for disruptive innovation. It enables global business transactions to happen within trusted data sets, process chunks, and aligned information.

At RoadLaunch, the process is starting with our real-time IoT sensors, automated quote framework, & digitized freight capacity management (to start).


We work with you to identify the components of your logistics supply chain that can take advantage of our products, now, or collaboratively with our IBM Watson parntership.


Whether it is the direct use of our APIs today or, working in unison to co-develop a solution, or leveraging our professional services, we are a trusted partner for your transportation/logistics business.


What's it all worth if it can't be measured? RoadLaunch brings real-time data that can be measured as needed. Know your business when it comes to quotes, density lanes, capacity, fleet performance, asset visibility, and predictive analytics.

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