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RoadLaunch is an intuitive, fully integrated and easy-to-use system for freight quoting, dispatch, capacity management, load matching and real time asset tracking.

Our tools are fast and easy to use – we work hard to make your transportation business easier.
RoadLaunch uses locations, freight, and intelligent tools to match loads with your truck and trailers in real-time. Our products allows you to mange your fleet, save time, and connect securely with your trusted freight partners using technology integrations not found on any other system in the world. Our installed sensors link to a central dashboard that give you fleet visibility, smart matched loads, automated tasks, and freedom to do what you do best, work on your business!
services we provide
RoadLaunch's services are supported by three unique tools: FreightFlex, RateCreate & Blockchain
You tell us the available capacity for your trucks and trailers, and in real-time our system matches loads. It’s that simple.
With RateCreate, create, set and maintain your rates to simplify your quoting process and get more loads.
TMS & blockchain
Integrating with TMS and blockchain means that that we can provide a trusted environment for invoices, &payments.

Using RateCreate And FreightFlex Gives You

what role do you play?
We built RoadLaunch to support many roles, we worked hard to make
many of your tasks fast and simple.
As a busy logistics provider, you have a lot of choices to make daily. Let a member of the RoadLaunch team show you how to automate many of your daily tasks in just a few minutes through a customized dashboard.
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Whether you need to get a quick quote, need to automate many daily tasks or want to easy and trusted tools, RoadLaunch has you covered with our AI and Apps.
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You are a vital link in the whole process and without your efforts, loads are not finalized and trucks aren’t dispatched. We created a way for you to manage the team and fleet withiut using multiple tools.
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find what you need, fast & easy
Whether you're on the web, logged into facebook, use Slack, we have tools for you
to find loads, locate carriers and communicate and be more productive.
it pays to be part of the team
Freight and logistics is all about relationships and network.
Join ours and get paid to connect yours

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