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RoadLaunch created RateCreate so that you can quickly and easily create rates for your customers and to save you time and effort in the quoting process. We match surrounding cities for the origin and destination in the rate creation process, making it easy for you or other shippers to find cargo pricing fast and easy.
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Using RateCreate And FreightFlex Gives You

Keep Your Fleet Moving
Rent Your Equipment
Increase Demand Visibility
Truck & Trailer Location Visibility
Manage Your Fleet
Intelligent Notifications
Free Digital Documents
Integrated Order Management
Along with everything else, what you get by using us....
Driver, Fleet & Equipment
When we created this tool, we wanted to make sure it was something easy to use and made fleet, equipment and pricing fast and easy. Signup is fast, setup only takes minutes and before you know it, you'll wonder why you ever used any other platform.
Rent your Unused Equipment
Rent your Unused Equipment equipment and start making money. Our FreightFlex tool allows you to easily post and have other carriers contact you directly to setup pricing, availability dates and then, track your trailers using GPS location technology
"RateCreate" allows owner/operator companies of any size to compete with larger carriers that have set rates and prices, normalizing market competitiveness and by allowing them to set prices for locations they serve. These rates are usually time intensive and costly to create set and maintain, so automating them allows smaller transport companies to get shipments, without all the overhead.
Along with our existing innovative freight & carrier management platform, we are also creating functionality for global logistics leaders to have visibility into any freight container/trailer location in what we proudly call FreightFlex. FreightFlex is a software solution that enables a fluid & flexible connection and allows the natural extension of driver/truck/order tracking to trailers, freight containers and inventory.

FreightFlex - Post Unused Equipment

As a carrier, you have enough to worry about! Compliance, safe operation, drivers, road conditions, licensing, the list goes on and on... Our FreightFlex tool allows you to quickly post your unused equipment, add revenue or if you need a trailer, browse other listings. We are also working on the integration of asset visibility tracking, so you have peice of mind on your equipment, whether it is rented out or no.

Recent Equipment Listings

Brand New Dry Van For Rent/Lease! Brant, ON, CA 2017 Yr Utility Trailer Dry Van (Enclosed) 53 X 9 X 9
Flatbed for Rent/Lease - Ontario (Toronto) Toronto, ON, CA 2017 Yr Utility Trailer Flatbed 53 X 9 X 9
2016 - 53' Reefer Buffalo, NY, US 2016 Yr Vanguard National Refrigerated (Reefer) 53 X 9 X 9
Dry van - Great condition, good rates Oak Lawn, IL, US 2014 Yr Wabash National Dry Van (Enclosed) 53 X 9 X 9
2017 - DoubleDrop Barrie, ON, CA 2017 Yr Utility Trailer Extendable Double Drop 48 X 6 X 9
2017 40-foot tri-axle flatbed Beverly Hills, CA, US 2017 Yr Other Flatbed 40 X 4 X 9

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Have trailers or other equipment sitting in your yard? We created an easy to use marketplace for new and used equipment rentals so that you can get your equipment generating revenue. Maybe you need an extra trailer for a few loads you've won, find a trailer in minutes from our carrier and vendor network and go from there.

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